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Another beautiful weekend coming up with lots of sun (don’t forget your sunblock!). As always, we have some goodies for you: the most interesting, loved, and shared posts of the week. We hope you find them fascinating, love, and share them, while enjoying your family weekend.

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– AWESOME: Birth Announcement Videos That Deserve Oscars
There’s no more captivating way to say, “Baby’s here!” than with a video. Watch how these parents introduce their new arrival in creative and funny ways. YouTube gold? We think so. (by Red Tricycle)

– WOMEN: When You Are Tightly Wound
A beautifully written interior monologue all about the thoughts that keep us so tightly wound. (by Kate Baer)

– FASHION: What Not To Wear – Baby Edition

Poor Winnie the Pooh. Such a nice guy, but moms are just not that into him these days ( could it be having your child acting as a billboard for multi-million dollar businesses?). Here are some other items moms named as styles they’re not crazy about having their babies wear. (by Rookie Moms)


– CELEBRITY: Kim Kardashian Challenges PepsiCo CEO, Says Working Moms Can ‘Have It All’
Kim Kardashian is challenging PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi’s statement that working women can’t “have it all,” telling women everywhere that she believes it is possible to raise a family while having an equally successful full-time career. (by International Business Times)


– PARENTING: On Raising Strong, Brave Children
Strength has nothing to do with muscles. Or boldness. Or force. Strength is an attribute, an ability to CONTRIBUTE and BENEFIT. Rebecca Wolf from Girls Gone Child has written a lovely column on what it means to raise strong, brave children, where STRONG means something different for everyone.


– PREGNANCY: 20 Must Do’s During The Ninth Month of Pregnancy
Treat yourself, pack a “going home” outfit for baby, go on a date, upgrade your phone storage, and many more incredible tips to add to your pregnancy checklist. (by Scary Mommy)

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