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A Safe, Healthy Sleep Environment


When it comes to safe sleep, positioning your baby on his back decreases the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). But once your little one can move, anything goes. That leaves you glued to the monitor all hours of the night, on constant Roll Patrol.

The Breeze Breathable Crib Mattress from Lullaby Earth provides peace of mind (for you) and quality ZZZ’s (for the baby). The breathable cover is made from 3D spacer fabric that allows air to flow between the baby and the mattress should he end up face down. It also dissipates heat and moisture for a more comfortable sleep. Plus, this mattress grows with your kiddo – one side is extra firm for infants and the other is softer for toddlers.

Both the core and cover are waterproof. So if a 3am diaper blowout results in late-night laundry, your baby can still sleep safely without the cover. Better yet, the hygienic design keeps your tot from breathing in mold, mildew, bacteria, or pee vapors that can become trapped in a mattress that’s difficult to clean or not waterproof.

Most crib mattresses are made with polyurethane foam. They are waterproofed with vinyl, per fluorinated compounds or latex, which can emit toxic fumes you don’t want your baby inhaling. Instead, Lullaby Earth uses food-grade polyethylene which meets FDA standards for food-contact. You can also rest assured that their mattresses are completely free of flame retardant chemicals and fire barriers, while still passing all government flammability standards.

See? Creating a safe, healthy sleep environment is a “breeze.”

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