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– FEELING GOOD: The Video That Made Us Cry. Must See.
Simple acts of kindness can make a huge difference in the life of the ones around you (not just your family and friends!), and with the added benefit of making you feel pretty awesome.

Get inspired by this incredible video (it made us cry!). And after watching, share it with your friends to inspire some of the people YOU love.

– BABY NAMES: The meteoric rise of boys’ names ending in ‘n’
This one stopped us in our tracks, with an “-n” name in our own family.  One of the most striking trends when analyzing American baby names is the rise in popularity of boys’ names ending with the letter ‘n’. David Taylor created and animated a graph to show the effect between 1880 and 2012 — and how quickly it grew over the past few decades. Check the graph bellow and read more about his research here. (Prooffreader)


– GIFTS: Fun & functional gifts for brand new moms
weeSpring friend Jill Simonian posted her favorite gifts for new moms in her fab blog — bookmark this one for Mothers’ Day!  (The Fab Mom)

What are your favorite fun AND functional gifts? You can create, save, and share your list using weeSpring.


– DIY: Painting Your Own Onesies
As hard as Miley Cyrus tries, onesies will NEVER look good on anyone above the age of two.  But they can look even cuter on the little ones, when they’re customized and hand-painted with love.  HelloBee shows you how to paint your own stylish, outside-the-box onesies.  Pro-tip: this also makes a fantastic baby shower activity. (HelloBee)

onesies_for_babies onesies_for_babies02

– PARENTING: The art of listening
God gave us two ears and one mouth so we could listen twice as much as you speak. But listening, active listening, is a dying art. As parents in a multi-tasking world, we need to truly understand what listening means, practice over and over, and teach our children. Listening is caring, and Robin Dance wrote an interesting article about the subject. (The Art of Simple)

photo credit: laviddichterman via photopin cc

photo credit: laviddichterman cc

– ACTIVITIES: Remedies For Spring Break Fever
If you don’t have a fancy trip planned to the exotic reaches and beaches of the universe, don’t worry! Jennifer Wolfe wrote a comprehensive post with great Spring Break activities ideas. (Red Tricycle)

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