weeAsked: What do I need to give my baby a bath?


One of the biggest parenting rites of passage is being able to handle bath time without having a meltdown. (We’re referring to you … not the baby.) So, when we asked you to share your bath time essentials, we weren’t surprised that one refreshingly honest answer was: “nerves of steel.” Luckily, having the right stuff makes the experience safer and more fun. Here’s a quick roundup of survey responses, plus a featured list:

For more bath time inspiration, check out Judy’s list below:

1. Aveeno Baby Body Wash: It’s not expensive, and great for sensitive skin.

2. Carter’s Hooded Towels (and washcloths): These towels are easy to use, reasonably priced and get the job done.

3. PRIMO Eurobath: Great for small infants and when they get larger and can sit up. Plus it’s not heavy to move.

5. Kneeler: We had a great one that goes over the side of the tub and is non-slip.

6. Skip Hop Spout Cover: Now that my son is using the real tub, this is absolutely essential for safety.

7. BRICA Corner Bath Basket: This holds toys and really does hook on to the tile because the cups are movable to avoid seams.

8. Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath Toy: Just the right size, this set of three leaves one for me to use and at least one for my son to play with.

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