weeLove: A Revolution-airy Crib Mattress


Safe, Clean, Comfy


From mastering a swaddle to worrying about crib safety, pretty much every aspect of baby sleep (or lack thereof) leaves new parents feeling stressed. Here’s one thing you can rest easy about…

The Newton Crib Mattress is 100% washable and breathable, creating a safe, healthy sleep environment. Made from 90% air volume and Wovenaire (a patented cushioning material), this combo allows air to flow freely for optimal breathability and temperature regulation. Unlike foam and latex, it’s completely safe, hypo-allergenic, and doesn’t off-gas or leach. The washable cover prevents bacteria growth – which means whatever happens in the crib, doesn’t stay in the crib. (The inner core can also be hand washed in the shower or bathtub!)

Aside from all the safety and health benefits, the Newton’s cushy firmness is just right, so your baby will snooze soundly (and hopefully you will, too).


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  1. Maria Minton says:

    Thanks for this review, we like this crib mattress and I am wondering how much is it now?

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