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Babies have a knack for going from zero to 60 when they’re hungry. And frantically preparing a bottle to the soundtrack of crying doesn’t make for a fun feeding session.  

The Born Free Bottle Genius is exactly what it sounds like… a genius gadget that saves you lots of precious time and hopefully some tears. This one-stop formula bottle making station accurately portions formula and water for a ready-to-guzzle bottle. Less bottle prep = more time for the other stuff on your to-do list, and maybe even a little sleep.

Think of it like a Keurig for formula: it holds water and a can of powdered formula, and at the push of a button, you can get a bottle (either warm or at room temperature) any size from two to 10 ounces. It works with all major bottle and formula brands, and the dial has a gentle glow for night-time use… so you can totally handle stumbling into the kitchen at 3am for a feeding. When it comes to cleaning, use the built-in cleaning cycle to sanitize the entire system.

Just turn the dial, press a button, and pat yourself on the back for being the genius who bought this.

Want to see it in action? Check out our video.


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