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A Must-Have for Easier Eating


Babies can’t get enough of a good food pouch. And parents love the convenience. But new eaters can cause quite a feeding frenzy… No outfit or piece of furniture is safe.

Created by parents who needed a simple feeding time solution, the Sip’n from ChooMee attaches to your tot’s food pouch du jour. This soft dispensing valve covers the tough plastic spout, providing a comfortable slurping surface. (So, if you have a hungry teether, this will go a long way.) It controls the food flow, so you and your baby won’t end up covered from head to toe in a spinach-apple-kale medley.

Gone are the days of having to hold onto (or accidentally tossing) that tiny food pouch cap during feedings. The fold over cap securely closes the pouch for a pause the puree action.

Reusable, dishwasher safe and compatible with all your favorite brands, the Sip’n makes for a smooth (less messy) transition to solid foods. Bon appetit, baby!


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  1. Anjali says:

    These were a real saver for us, I used to spend all this time steaming food and making purees and smoothies and carefully pouring them into resealable pouches only to have my son squeeze them out and pour the contents all over the place. These work great on both resealable pouches and store pouch pouches too! We cut the covers off using scissors because our son was using them as a teether and I was afraid he’d accidentally pull the top off his pouch.

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