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Circle Home Plus

A Smart Solution for Digital Life

Let’s be real. TVs, tablets, computers, and phones are a big part of life, and oftentimes, a lifesaver. (Turning on a show for your kiddo while you tackle to-dos and sip coffee? Yes, please!) But we know how fast screen time can spiral out of control–especially as your children get older. Circle Home Plus is an award-winning screen time management solution that helps create balance and build good digital habits for everyone in the fam. (Yes, even you, late night doomscroller!)

With the Circle Home Plus device and iOS or Android app subscription combo, you can manage all of your family’s internet-connected devices, from anywhere. Once Circle Home Plus is connected to your router, the customizable features allow you to set limits, create filters, monitor web use for safety, hit pause at a moment’s notice, set an “internet bedtime,” preset offline time, offer rewards, and manage content across an unlimited number of devices. (Insert loooong sigh of relief). Parents especially appreciate the comprehensive view of all Internet activity by day, week, and month, by category, app, and site. 

Parenting in the digital age isn’t easy. And screens certainly shouldn’t make things harder. (You’ve already got enough on your plate!) Circle can help you set rules and create safer online spaces for your whole crew. It’s $9.99/month or $89.99/year. Increased sanity: priceless. 

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