weeLove: A Baby Monitor that goes Above and Beyond

Cubo AI Plus

Smart Baby Monitor

Worrying about your baby when he sleeps keeps a new parent up at night (and this is exactly why you’re exhausted enough to put the car keys in the fridge). A great baby monitor can help you rest easy, especially when it’s a Cubo Ai Plus Smart Monitor.

Developed by parents and a pediatrician, the Cubo Ai Plus connects to your smartphone and uses artificial intelligence to detect when your baby’s positioning may be unsafe. (No more tiptoeing up to the crib a zillion times a night to check!) Face Detection and Roll Over alerts let you know if your little one’s mouth or nose is covered by a blanket or if he rolls over onto his tummy when he’s not able to safely roll back on his own. Better yet, these smart safety features go well beyond the crib… As your kiddo grows, relocate the monitor and set up Danger Zone alerts so you know if your adventurous kiddo heads into an off-limits area of your home.

Cubo Ai Plus comes with 3 different stand options: Crib Attachment, Floor Base, and a Mobile Stand. For infants, be sure to use the floor base or crib attachment so that the camera is directly above the crib and facing down at your baby. This provides a full crib-view so Cubo can work it’s AI magic and accurately determine the baby’s position. Cubo uses a professional grade security camera lens with 1080p HD Night Vision, so everything you see is crisp, clear, and detailed. Another feature parents love: automatic photo snaps of your sweet baby snoozing or exploring the crib. Plus, there’s 18-hour playback, so you can always catch up on what you missed. And the room temperature and humidity level display is helpful to keep tabs on.

Now if only there was an alert to stop you from putting the keys in the fridge again…


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