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Eco-friendly Diapers

The words “diapers” and “cool” don’t usually go hand in hand. But Freestyle is changing the game with their super absorbent and super adorable eco-friendly, chemical-free diapers. Made with bamboo instead of tree-pulp, their proprietary BambooTek core quickly locks in moisture, so what happens in the diaper stays in the diaper. 

Modern designs by artists elevate your tot’s vibe as they sleep, play, and rock tummy-time. Better yet, the breathable materials and soft liners create an ultra comfy fit for your kiddo. Parents appreciate being able to order a 4-week supply at once. (We love the ease of an auto-renew! But you can also order one shipment at a time.)

Our expert editor who gave these a whirl says, “Freestyle diapers are absolutely incredible. I love them so much. The material is amazing, the designs are cute, and the fit is great (although keep in mind people will definitely need to check out the sizing guide as it doesn’t quite align with “normal” sizing).

Freestyle diapers are good for the planet, good for your baby, and really good for your peace-of-mind. 

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