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Organic Nutrition from Bobbie

New parents have a ton of worries. But stressing about how you feed your baby shouldn’t be one of them. Bobbie Organic Infant Formula is helping people ditch the stigma around formula feeding. (Insert cheers, happy dances, and sighs of relief!) Founded by moms, this trailblazing brand is all about providing good nutrition that’s high quality, affordable, and accessible. 

Bobbie is the first organic, European style recipe formula that meets FDA standards. (FYI: Nutritional standards for infant formula are updated more frequently in Europe than in the U.S. That’s why Bobbie mirrors their formula after those of current European formulas!) It’s made with  Certified USDA Organic ingredients, including tasty, nutritious grass-fed organic milk from Organic Valley® cows that live on small farms across the U.S. The blend of organic fatty acids is modeled after the average fat profile of breast milk. And DHA is sustainably sourced, algae-based and extracted using water, not hexane. Here’s what you won’t find on the ingredient list: corn syrup, filler, palm oil, maltodextrin, gluten, persistent pesticides, antibiotics. 

Bobbie is changing the culture around how we feed our babies—helping families feel confident and supported along their unique feeding journeys. So, whether you’re breastfeeding, formula feeding, or going with a combo of both, just remember: one size does not fit or feed all!


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