weeLove: Cute, Comfy Mittens That Won’t Fall Off


A Fling-proof Winter Essential


Babies and mittens often do not go hand in hand. They get lost or tossed despite our very best attempts. (Don’t you want to put a sign on the stroller that says, “I swear I tried to get my kid to wear gloves?”) With winter around the corner, there has to be a better way to keep little hands warm and protected without being on “mitten watch” every time you leave the house.

Handsocks are as awesome as they sound. Invented by a mom who resorted to putting ski socks on her daughter’s hands during a winter vacation, this light bulb idea will make your winter outings way easier. The cozy sock-inspired mitten rolls up the arm (like a sleeve) for a secure fit. The top simply flips over to keep tiny hands covered and warm. The plush mittens are made with warm fleece and extra padding for crawling and exploring. And they’re not just for cold weather. The No Scratch version feels like a soft, comforting blankie and helps prevent scratches on delicate newborn skin. The best part? Babies actually love them.

Perfect for showers, birthdays, and holiday gifts, new parents will thank you for all the pairs of mittens they won’t have to buy.

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