weeLove: HarperIman Dolls

So much more than a new toy….

Empowerment Through Play

A favorite doll is more than a toy… it’s a beloved friend for snuggles, tea parties, playdates, and beyond. Kids especially connect with a doll when it reflects who they are, how they feel, and even how they look. But dolls of color are underrepresented in the market. And parents are hard pressed to find a doll that accurately portrays their child’s skin tone and hair texture.

Enter HarperIman: a beautiful line of handmade linen dolls of color. Created by a mother-daughter duo, the mission behind this Black-owned business is to represent children of color and positively reinforce how strong, beautiful, and important they are in this world. Their swoon worthy doll collection features a range of skin tones, hair styles, and hair colors—so there’s a special doll for every special kiddo. The outfits and accessories are so on-trend, you’ll wish you could buy them in your size. Children of any race will fall in love with HarperIman dolls. They’re a great way to bring new friends to pretend play and add diversity to your tot’s toy collection.

There are dolls that fill the toy bin… and there are dolls that fill our hearts forever. That’s HarperIman.


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  1. Linda Leonard says:

    As a doll maker myself (crocheted dolls) I just love your dolls and the story behind them.

    I love them so much that I am going to start my own collection of your dolls, that is, as I can afford to.

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