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Here’s The Plan


From how to bathe a newborn to dealing with sleep regressions, there are countless books that’ll help you care for a baby. But a page-turner about nurturing your career while navigating parenthood is hard to come by. That’s why our founder, Ally, decided to write one.

Here’s the Plan: Your Practical, Tactical Guide to Advancing Your Career During Pregnancy and Parenthood is your roadmap for taking on challenges that can arise for working mothers. From negotiating flextime to climbing the ladder through the toughest child-raising years, handling “mommy bias” to finding the right caregiver, it’s packed with stories and wisdom from women all over the professional map (including thousands of weeSpring moms!). A lot of the step-by-step advice you’ll find in the book is specific to different stages of pregnancy and parenthood, like sharing the news, planning for leave, making sure your job gets done well in your absence, and prepping for your return.

Working motherhood can be exhausting and exhilarating, challenging and confusing. But having a family and a career you’re passionate about is possible. You just need a plan.

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2 Responses

  1. Hello,

    At first when I read this blog about a book for the working women who are mom or mom-to-be, I felt that it is just another book. But, after reviewing some testimonials on Amazon, it would help to mother who are working woman.

    On review, a lady was feeling nervous to ask HR for her pregnancy but after reading this book, she gets confidence to have a dialogue with HR. Means, it boost confidence in working women.

    Another lady received this book from her mom & so glad to thank her. She also ordered the same for her friend to gift her. Inspired to gift someone. Awesome…

    I also would like to share this information on my blog.

    Thank you sharing this book on your blog.

  2. Alexis L says:

    I’m pregnant with my second and just read this book. I cannot stress enough how helpful it is proving for me while I continue to work while pregnant and prepare for my maternity leave! I wish I had had this available before my first pregnancy and leave.

    This book combines personal anecdotes with practical tips and real life applications. I like that it covers tips and planning for a variety of circumstances/types of jobs. While it does seem to skew a bit towards women in leadership roles, there is enough practical advice for every working woman to benefit from reading this book.

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