weeLove: The New Way to (Not) Grocery Shop


A No Stress Supermarket Experience


Where’s the last place you want to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon this spring? A crowded supermarket, with a cranky baby and 300 aggressive shoppers fighting their way to the quinoa. We hear ya.

Instacart helps you maintain your sanity and free time by keeping you out of the grocery store. This new delivery service makes weekends way better for busy parents, leaving more time to enjoy with the fam, not battling for a spot at the deli counter with a toddler in tow.

Go to their website or download the app. Then select your favorite local supermarket (yep, even Whole Foods and Costco!) and create your list. Their clean layout makes it simple to quickly stock up on all your essentials. Choose a date and delivery time, pay online, and leave the rest to an Instacart Personal Shopper. For most stores, the delivery fee is $3.99.

Some noteworthy features: you can search recipes and add all the ingredients to your cart; previous lists are saved so you don’t have to start from scratch week after week; and you can note replacement items if something is unexpectedly out of stock. Have yourself an easier grocery shopping experience!

Parents have a million things on their to-do lists. Give yourself a break and take something off: Instacart is offering $10 off first orders over $35 + a free delivery, when the code weespring is used at checkout.

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  1. Whoa! I think Instacart is offering too much. I love their delivery services anyway but downloading their app and the exciting features is new to me. Thank you for spreading the word.

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