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If you haven’t noticed… babies and toddlers require a ton of stuff. From daycare to preschool, it can be impossible to keep track of it all, and it’s expensive to keep replacing.

Get organized with Kidecals. These sets of durable, waterproof labels put the “fun” in functional. With tons of customizable decal styles (both kid and parent-friendly!) to choose from, your baby’s belongings will never look better (and you won’t take home his buddy’s sippy cup by accident). Their date labels are especially helpful for keeping track of the freshness of bottles and food in the fridge. And allergy alert labels make it simple to remind caregivers about things that are off-limits. The adhesive is long lasting, but won’t damage any surfaces. Plus, they’re dishwasher, washing machine and dryer proof.

So keep tabs and save time with Kidecals… because we know all too well that every millisecond counts in parenthood.

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