weeLove: Baby Approved Temperature Taking


Track Your Family’s Health


From Googling to photo taking, booking babysitters to ordering diapers – smartphones can simplify almost every aspect of parenting. Now you can add dealing with sick days to that list…

Kinsa, a smart thermometer paired with an app, helps you track your child’s temperature and symptoms over the course of an illness. This FDA-approved thermometer plugs into your smartphone (no batteries required). Through the app, you can create profiles for everyone in your family to keep tabs on temperatures, medications, and symptoms. This especially comes in handy during chaotic doctor’s visits when you’re trying to grab the stethoscope from your busy baby while giving an ear infection play-by-play. Thanks to Kinsa, you can just hand over your phone.

The app’s user-interface is easy for mom and dad to navigate and fun for your tot – there’s a bubble popping animation that runs during the 10 seconds it takes to get a reading. Future versions of the app will offer custom community group creation, for example a daycare, playgroup or neighborhood.  So, you’ll soon be able to see the big picture of what’s going on in your area.

With Kinsa, next time your kiddo is sick… you’ll be cool as a cucumber.


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