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Little Dreams by Canopy

Humidifier Starter Set

Does your little one ever sound like an adorable baby rhinoceros in the winter? Yep, welcome to parenthood + cold season. A great humidifier is essential to helping your tot sleep better and breathe easier.

Canopy has created a re-imagined humidifier that’s perfect for the nursery. The Little Dreams by Canopy Aroma Kit generates filtered moisture, without the mist, and without the mold. Water is sanitized by passing through a UV Light. Then, it’s absorbed through the filter and evaporated by the fan. Clean, hydrated air is invisibly dispersed throughout the nursery. 

Big benefits come from this little humidifier. It can help:

  • Reduce/alleviate nasal congestion, sinus irritation, and cough
  • Prevent dry, itchy skin and relieve symptoms of eczema
  • Promote sleep quality

Another key perk? The built in aroma diffuser can add subtle, soothing aromas to your kiddo’s room. Vegan and cruelty-free, the all-natural essential oils are safe for diffusing around kiddos 3+ months and sensitive adults. (Bonus points for adding a much-needed Zen vibe to diaper blowouts.)

Parents especially love how easy this humidifier is to maintain. All you need to know are these two words: dishwasher safe.

Serenity (and sleep!) now… 


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