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Happier, Healthier Sleep


The worst kind of wake-up call is a night terror, especially when you can’t easily console your kiddo back to bed. Not your typical nightmare, this condition affects 1 in 5 families and is often more traumatic for mom and dad than the child. Luckily, a simple solution is at your fingertips.

Lully is a small bluetooth enabled pod that is placed under your tot’s crib or big kid mattress. Based on a proven technique called scheduled awakenings, the device gently vibrates to veer your little one out of night terror territory and into a lighter sleep stage without actually waking them up. Here’s where you come in: a companion iOS app will notify you when it’s time to turn on Lully (don’t worry, it’s always before 11pm). Tiptoe into your tot’s room to activate the pod through the app. Make sure you see your child gently stir and your job is done. The app will learn patterns from nightly use and become customized to the child, performing even better the longer you use it. Night terrors should be resolved in about 3-4 weeks.

Co-founded by a physician with sleep medicine experts from Stanford University, Lully is a total game changer for families that need to put night terrors to rest.

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