weeLove: These Lactation Treats a Latte (see what we did there?)

Boost Milk Supply with Majka

Supplements for Nursing Moms

Stressed out about milk production (in addition to caring for a tiny human 24/7)? During that phase of life where you’re running on empty taking care of everyone else’s needs… Majka nutrition powders and bites are a simple, tasty way to get what you need fuel your new mama body, fill in nutritional gaps, and boost milk supply. Not breastfeeding? The all-natural ingredients are known to reduce inflammation, which is good for all postpartum mamas.

Majka products are non-gmo, dairy and soy free, and don’t contain fillers, unnecessary calories, or added sugars. And there are great options to choose from depending on your cravings. Add a scoop of the Lactation Booster to your favorite smoothies or drinks. Made with galactagogues (say that three times fast!) like turmeric, shatavari, caraway, MCT oil, flaxseed, and milk thistle, this nutritional powder may also improve the quality of your milk, and help prevent swollen breast tissue and clogged ducts. Pack their delish Lactation Bites in your diaper bag for the perfect on-the-go snack. And if you’ve cut back on coffee but miss sipping your favorite hot beverage—rejoice—because they’ve just launched a first-ever Lactation Latte. And it’s so yummy. Just mix the vanilla chai powder into warm milk (our designer said it reminded her of her favorite golden milk latte!).

New moms can always use a little “boost” to rock motherhood. Now if only these super supplements came with someone to help locate the car keys…


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