weeLove: Are Mom-Friendly Jobs Just a Myth?


Maybrooks Helps You Work Smarter


Whether you lean in, lean out, or would rather just lean over and take a nap … navigating work-life balance as a new mom can cause a lot of stress and second-guessing. Are you working too much? Not enough? And did anyone at the office notice the mashed bananas in your hair this morning?

If you’re thinking about switching things up at your current job, changing careers altogether, or finding a new arrangement with a flexible schedule, check out Maybrooks to find mom-friendly jobs. This online networking community for working moms posts flexible job listings in your area. Search freelance, part-time, and full-time flex opportunities. The site also includes maternityships (where you fill in for someone on maternity leave) and returnships (a way to ease back the working world after being on a longer leave).

From jeans to jobs, when you’re a new mom, it’s all about finding the right fit. Maybe now’s your time to rock bananas in your hair, in a new gig.

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