weeLove: “Trying to Conceive” Essentials, Delivered to Your Door

beautifully designed box with pregnancy test next to two stacked bottles of prenatal vitamins, against a blush pink background

A Pregnancy Kit from Natalist

Fertility Products, Reimagined

Standing in a drugstore aisle, trying to choose an ovulation or pregnancy test is not our idea of a good time. Aside from hoping you don’t bump into a nosy neighbor, figuring out which product to buy (with a much-too-perky associate stocking the shelves) can be a challenge.

Natalist is changing the journey to pregnancy by developing beautifully designed products—backed by science—that help make the process easier to navigate. From prenatal vitamins to ovulation and pregnancy tests, their rockstar team of moms, doctors, and scientists have created evidence-based essentials that take away the anxiety-filled guesswork of trying to conceive. Better yet, this overhaul of typical fertility products makes them feel less clinical and more like something you’d want to keep in your beauty cabinet.

Purchase items a la cart, or sign up for the “Get Pregnant Bundle.” This subscription box includes a one-month supply of prenatal multi-vitamins, a one-month supply of Omega DHA, seven ovulation tests, and three pregnancy tests. (Just think of all the time you don’t have to spend in a drugstore or online shopping to acquire these must-haves!) It also comes with a handy Conception 101 Book packed with helpful info and practical tips.

And good news for those just looking to pick up what you need, when you need it—Natalist’s 4-count pregnancy test is now available exclusively on Target.com and in 300+ Target stores nationwide (click here to  see if they’re in your local Target).

Trying to get pregnant can be an overwhelming, confusing, and emotional phase of life. Natalist helps women take charge of the journey (and makes peeing on a stick a lot prettier, too).


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