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Do You Know About Nenu?


Once tots learn how to grab, anything and everything seems to go straight into their mouths. And it can be extra nerve-wrecking when you don’t quite know what teething toys and utensils are actually made from. Now you can rest assured at mealtime and teething time, thanks to Nenu.

Here’s the backstory: when two friends became first-time parents, they soon realized that options for safe, well-designed products were limited. They joined forces and put their product development backgrounds to work to launch Nenu. 100% made in the USA of FDA medical grade material, their forks, spoons, and teethers are free of phthalates, latex, vinyl, and BPA.

Whether you’re just starting solids or your toddler wants to do it “all by myself,” make mealtime run more smoothly, with their thoughtfully designed fork and spoon. These utensils mimic the feel of a grown-up’s finger, so it’s easy and familiar for a kiddo to grasp. They also feature two little legs that prop them up in place to prevent food from getting on the table (and the floor). Nenu’s two types of teethers are similar to the size and feel of baby’s fingers, and are dotted with soft bumps to help soothe sore gums. They’re especially handy for two-handed grasping and building fine motor skills.

Safe, simple and functional – it’s the perfect combination for your little explorer (and your peace of mind).

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