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The Easy Way to Make Baby Food 


Making your tot a homemade feast is probably the last thing you think you have the time — or skills — to pull off. (You can barely remember your name these days, let alone how to perfectly time the making of a meal). From purees to finger foods, being a baby chef extraordinaire is totally doable if you have a Nutribaby from Babymoov. This multitasking food processor handles everything you could dream of… aside from getting your baby to sleep.

Right from the get-go, Nutribaby can be used to warm bottles and sterilize up to three at a time. Once your little one has moved onto solids, use this multitasking baby food processor to puree or steam cook fresh foods. It’s especially great for whipping up a bunch of things at once, without having to manage a stove-top full of pots and pans. Two baskets separate food, ensuring that everything cooks for just the right time. Plus, the compartments are large enough to make more than one meal (so you’ll have plenty left over to freeze). And if you’re short on counter space, this all-in-one wonder eliminates the need for individual steamers, sterilizers, and mixers.

Even with the worst case of “baby brain,” this must-have gadget will help you fool everyone…


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