weeLove: You’re About to Win at Gift-Giving


The New Star of Story Time


With a few exceptions, a “personalized” book usually means the child’s name is simply stamped at the beginning or end.  So we were initially skeptical about LostMy.Name, a new company launched in the UK by three dads and one uncle.  And then we got our hands on a copy…

The story: a little boy or girl wakes up without a name and sets out on an adventure to find it. Along the way, the child encounters one-of-a-kind characters who each help turn up one of the missing letters.  To make the magic happen, the team created more than 150 illustrations and became experts at print-on-demand technology, so the whole book is different for each child.  Seriously impressive quality, gorgeous illustrations, and a truly unique, personalized story: you’ve just won at gift-giving.

Next up, we’re hoping for a special edition that helps parents track down lost keys, phones and wallets…

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