weeLove: Buh-bye Baby Book Guilt


Keep Track with Qeepsake 


Parents have grand plans of chronicling every baby moment and milestone. But then reality hits—and you’re lucky if your grand plans for the day include a shower. When life is a juggling act, there’s little time for crafting elaborate albums and documenting all the details. (Let’s be honest, our Netflix obsession du jour trumps scrapbooking any night.) So despite good intentions, the pages of that journal stay blank and our photo libraries stay overwhelmingly full.
Qeepsake is the modern-day baby (and big kid!) book that every busy parent will appreciate and actually use. The app simply texts you a question about your child, you text back a response, and then an entry is added to a private online journal. So it’s similar to texting your BFF, “I need to pad my entire house, she’s crawling everywhere!” You can also text Qeepsake anytime something happens so it can be archived with the date and a photo. View, edit, and add photos to your memories at any time. And when you’re ready, print a QeepsakeBook (which allows you to add pages later since it’s expandable). This genius app was created by parents to five kiddos, can’t you tell?
Qeepsake is a low maintenance way to keep tabs on big milestones and little details without it feeling like a part-time job. So stop the guilt trip and just start texting.

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