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The trick to get your kids to wash their hands

Good Clean Fun 

“Wash your hands!” — says every parent ALL.DAY.LONG. Encouraging your kids to clean their hands properly isn’t always easy, especially when they want to keep playing. Now, hand washing can be a continuation of the fun…

Enter SoaPen: a colorful, stain-free hand soap disguised as a pen. In just a few simple steps little ones can creatively and happily wash away whatever germs are on those cute paws. 

1. They doodle on hands

2. Wet them under water

3. Lather

4. Rinse (They’re thoroughly cleaned when all of the drawing is gone.)

5. You experience parenting wins on the reg

Even better, all of this good hand hygiene supports a great cause. The founders created the SoaPen concept and won the UNICEF Wearables for Good Challenge. They were motivated by the shocking statistic that more than 50% of infectious diseases that lead to fatalities among kids under 5 can be avoided by simply washing hands with soap.

The company’s mission is to make hand washing with soap fun and accessible for kids everywhere. With each sale, a SoaPen is donated to a high priority community.

Don’t be surprised if your kids actually ask to wash their hands. Because thanks to SoaPen, the only thing that’s even more fun than making a mess is cleaning it up.

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