weeLove: The Secret to Getting Somewhere on Time


Make Every Minute Count


Sometimes parenting feels like it’s mostly informing kids how many more minutes they have left to do something. Unfortunately for us, little ones don’t quite understand the concept of time. They’d much rather keep playing than brush their teeth, put their shoes on, go to school, take a nap, clean up toys, run errands… you get the drill. 
Make transitions (and getting out of the house!) simpler with Time Timer. This handy timer shows a span of time through the use of a red disk. As time passes, the red disk disappears—making it easier for tots to visualize how much longer they have to do whatever it is they’re doing. 
Rather than futile warnings from weary parents, this must-have helps manage expectations, stick to schedules, and thwart tantrums. Time will finally be on your side. 


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    Quite Useful for little babies thanks for sharing

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