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Photo albums: the thing no new parent has time to make and desperately wishes could just appear on their coffee table (without sorting through 9,000 phone pics).

When it comes to taking photos of our little ones, it’s really easy to get snap happy and really hard to get motivated to make an awesome album. So, rather than spending your very minimal free time making albums, let Tweed Wolf do the work for you. Simply upload your images (hundreds, thousands, or whatever amount is taking up precious space on your phone!) and their team of designers will craft a customized, beautiful book.

Here’s how it works: Once photos are uploaded, you can remove any that you know you don’t want, star your favorites, and add specific instructions. After the Tweed Wolf team works their editing wizardry, you’ll get a proof to approve before it goes to the presses. Then, you’ll receive a gorgeous book filled with amazing moments at your door. There’s real magic in seeing a whole bunch of photos you’d forgotten you’d taken, particularly when they’re curated by someone who is extra thoughtful about layout and ensuring the 80 selfies your toddler took of his chin don’t wind up in the book.

The quality of Tweed Wolf hardcover albums is top-notch, so they’re pricier than the typical template books. We love them for special occasions and one-of-a-kind grandparent gifts. (FYI: additional prints of the same book are priced lower.) Best of all, it takes one major, daunting thing off your to-do list. A keepsake that helps us keep our sanity? Yes, please!

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