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Take Two with Twingaroo 


Successfully getting out of the house with a baby and all their belongings is stressful. Venturing out with two babies takes it to another level. Since you’re not superhuman (although you’re pretty darn close), on-the-go gear needs to be super simple.

The Twingaroo twins carrier/diaper bag combo is a godsend for parents with multiples (or two little ones very close in age). Thanks to the wide waist belt, the weight of your babies is distributed evenly, ensuring you’re comfortable and fully supported. It’s designed to hold two children (10-35 pounds each) of equal or different weight. (Just be sure to place the heavier child on the back.) If you’re only bringing along one, the carrier can hold up to 45 pounds, on the back or front. The handy diaper bag is built into the back and includes two insulated bottle holders and compartments for diapers and clothes. There’s also an easy access pocket for your keys and phone. Best of all… there’s no need for a team to get the carrier on and the kids in. (Rule of thumb: if you’ve got two kids under two, never turn down an extra set of hands… or babysitting.)

Two babies are twice the fun, but twice the stuff. With Twingaroo, take a break from the bulky double stroller, and go for a nice, light stroll.


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  1. Sandra says:

    Great carrier. Have it and use it every day!

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