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Video Calls for Kids

These days, your kiddo is probably a Zoom and FaceTime pro. But video calls can be a bit boring for littles with limited attention spans. Good news: there’s a game-changing app that’s making it way more fun for families and friends to “hang out” together… from afar.

Consider Caribu your virtual video playdate host. This awesome app helps your extended crew read, play, and spend quality time together in real-time. In addition to their library of 1000+ children’s books, the app is packed with interactive games, drawing, and engaging activities like indoor scavenger hunts. Download the app and invite your favorite grownups to join.

FYI: Caribu is currently offering free and unlimited access. Bonus: kids can read and play on the app, even without making a call (another great boredom buster!).

Available on iOS and Android devices, Caribu is easy for users of all ages to navigate. Better yet, grandma or grandpa can take the reins on “childcare” while you get something else done around the house or enjoy a much needed break.

From playing tic-tac-toe to snuggling up for a bedtime story, thanks to Caribu, your nearest and dearest can share endless good times together, even when you’re (physically) apart.



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