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Your Friends’ Favorite Local Services


Anytime we can describe something as “like weeSpring, but for _________,” the weeLove email pretty much writes itself. So, introducing Knowzz: it’s like weeSpring, but for local service providers like pediatricians, yoga instructors, and electricians.

You sign up and instantly have access to recommendations from people you trust, whether you’re looking for someone to re-paint the nursery or a toddler-whisperer-stylist who can give your kid a haircut. Adding your own recs is quick and easy (the app searches your phone’s contacts for service providers and prompts you to rate them), so if you’re the go-to expert among your friends, you can stop fielding one-off requests for an affordable plumber and point your friends to Knowzz.

Knowzz will also spare you a 3am text from your BFF begging for the phone number of a good sleep trainer.

Download it now and invite a few friends to make it even better!

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