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Baby Gear Guide: Breast Pumps

weeSpring’s Top-Rated Breast Pumps The weeSpring baby gear guide is crowdsourced from hundreds of thousands of parent recommendations on The Best Breast Pumps OUR EDITORS’ PICKS Our weeSpring picks are data-driven, based on the feedback of tens of thousands of parents like you — and then subjected to an...

MIT breast pump hackathon

Five Fixes for the Breast Pump: Our Re-Cap of the MIT Breast Pump Hackathon

Given the enormous (and well-deserved!) amount of press the MIT Breast Pump Hackathon*, you’ve probably already heard about the unlikely group that descended on the MIT Media Lab last weekend: breastfeeding moms (and supportive dads), media, manufacturers, designers, engineers, and PhDs.  They came together with a common – and clever...

breastfeeding awareness month

Breastfeeding Products That Make Nursing Easier

To celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness month, we’re giving away all of the gear and goods you need to be a champion at pumping at the office. Click here to enter to win $1,500 in prizes! You’ve got the pump, the nursing pillow, and sterilized every bottle in sight.  You’ve researched nearby...

Best Ways to Boost Milk Production

Breastfeeding and worried your supply is dwindling? Get tips for boosting milk production from Lactation Consultant, Wendy Wright of the 16 Minute Club and CEO, Kim Roman of Anna Naturals.