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Bumpin Blends

Custom Smoothie Cubes

Making a smoothie isn’t rocket science. But putting together the perfect blend of healthy ingredients takes time—and can sometimes end up looking (or tasting!) like a science experiment. Thanks to Bumpin Blends, you can whip up a delicious smoothie in seconds—no fridge scouring, guesswork, or chopping required.

Founded by a registered dietitian while pregnant with her daughter, Bumpin Blends’ custom smoothie cubes are tailored to meet important nutritional needs at each stage of motherhood. Plus, they help with all sorts of pregnancy and postpartum symptoms, from fatigue to morning sickness to swollen ankles (and everything in between). Made with only whole veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, proteins, and spices, you can drink up knowing that all of the ingredients are almost exclusively organic and free of added sugars, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. And they taste amazing.

Once you subscribe, you’ll get a text from a personal dietitian who will gather info on your allergens, cravings, food preferences, and due date (if applicable). Then, a custom batch of frozen, pre-blended smoothie cubes in recyclable packaging (totaling seven,12-oz smoothies) will be delivered to your door every two weeks. Whenever a smoothie craving strikes, just pour your cubes into a blender and add ½ – 1 cup of liquid (they have recommendations on the best pairings), and blend! The more your dietitian gets to know your preferences—and as your journey through parenthood changes—the more customized your smoothies will be. Subscriptions can always be paused, skipped, or canceled at any time. There’s an option to buy a one-time bundle, too.

Pro tips:

  • Use fewer cubes to make smaller servings, which is great if you’re sharing these with tiny toddler tummies.
  • If you have a teething baby, offer a cube in a teething pouch as a tasty, soothing treat for swollen gums!
  • Another crucial tip… hide these in the freezer so you don’t have to share with anyone else in your house. 😉

Want to try Bumpin Blends? Use the code WEESPRING for 25% off your first order.



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