weeLove: A Genius Invention for Better Sleep

baby sleeping in a pack n play travel crib with a slumberpod over the crib, with a weelove sticker in the upper right-hand corner

Sleep Better with SlumberPod

A Smart Solution for Family Travel

Let’s be real: sharing a room with your tot when you’re traveling can be full of logistical challenges… and sleep deprivation! No matter where you park the pack n’ play, he can still see you. (Quietly hiding in a corner of the room usually makes both of you cry!) And getting creative by turning the bathroom into a tiny bedroom never works as planned.

Now, all of you can get some well deserved R&R when traveling with SlumberPod. This pod-style structure easily slips over a standard sized travel crib or playard, providing a private, and dark place to sleep. Made of breathable fabric and ventilation windows, your child will have a safe, comfortable snooze environment. And you don’t have to army crawl around your hotel room or hide in the bathroom. It’s a win-win.

Created by a mother-daughter duo (after some sleepless night’s at grandma’s house), it passes all applicable juvenile product safety tests. SlumberPod is also compatible with some cots and small blowup mattresses, so you can use it  beyond the baby phase.

Thanks to the quality snoozes your baby gets from SlumberPod, you may not even need a vacation from your vacation.



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