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Legendairy Milk

Organic Lactation Supplements

There are lots of things new moms obsess about (and we don’t have nearly enough space here to cover them all!). If you’re breastfeeding, milk production probably tops that list. Whether you’re nursing, pumping, or thinking about the next feed, you’re no stranger to a host of nagging worries about your milk supply.

The founder of Legendairy Milk felt the exact same way when she was new to breastfeeding. That’s why she created a line of organic, herbal lactation supplements to help promote breast milk production and target the issues that affect a woman’s supply. There are a variety of milk-enhancing supplements to choose from, each made with different ingredient combos. They offer a “Bestseller Bundle” or “Build a Bundle” so you can test out three products at a lower price to see what works best for your body. The product names are pretty amazing, too (Milkapalooza, Lactivist, and Pump Princess, just to name a few!).

Legendairy products are free of additives and preservatives. They’re also fenugreek-free. Although this is a common galactagogue used in lactation supplements, some women experience undesirable side effects or adverse reactions. Instead, they use other ingredients that help increase milk flow, including alfalfa, milk thistle, goat’s rue, and anise.

New moms have enough to worry about (oh, hey 3am google session!). With Legendairy Milk, you can take one big thing off the list.

PS: If you happen to have some spare time between nursing, pumping, and the occasional shower (#newmomlife), try saying galactagogues three times fast.


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