weeLove: The Pico Car Seat from WAYB

Put your best “seat” forward 

A Stress-free Travel Essential

Dragging a hefty car seat through an airport—along with all the other bulk that comes along with family travel—is the least fun part of the journey. Many parents dream about “forgetting” it curbside. (#amiright?) Now, you can bring a safe, well-designed car seat that’s only 8 pounds. Yep, it may even be lighter than all those snacks and toys in your diaper bag.

The Pico Car Seat from WAYB is a forward-facing, portable car seat for tots aged 2 and up (your kiddo must weigh 22-50 pounds and be 30-45 inches tall). While it’s extremely lightweight, the strong aerospace-grade aluminum frame is designed to absorb energy forces in a crash. And rest assured, it passes U.S. safety tests for use in cars and planes. From rentals to ride shares, this compact seat is a breeze to install in any vehicle as you transport your crew from place to place. And if you still have questions (because: car seat installation), WAYB has a super helpful YouTube channel with short informational videos to help. When not in use, it folds up easily (oh hey, overhead bin!). Another thing to love: Pico uses minimal plastic components in the design.

Thanks to this awesome car seat, you won’t face the common conundrum of whether to skip the car seat, rent the car seat, or check the car seat. See, at least one thing about traveling with littles can be simple!



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2 Responses

  1. Carol Brooks says:

    I am intrigued by the photos of the Pico Car Seat by WAYB. From the shots, they look so lightweight and simple. I wish I had known earlier. I am going to check them out for my coolbabyrides site. Thanks so much.

    • Sarah Nau says:

      They are so simple and lightweight! They even store compactly in a backpack travel bag, so it’s remarkably easier to travel with if need be (and it fits in the overhead bin if you’re not using it in the seat though they are FAA-approved!).

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