weeLove: 2 Kids, 1 Stroller, No Problem


Tired Toddler?


To buy a double stroller, or not to buy double stroller, that is the question…

When baby number two arrives on the scene, many parents debate whether to splurge on a double stroller, especially when their big kid would rather explore on foot.

The Lascal BuggyBoard turns your single stroller into a convenient ride for two at a moment’s notice. When you’re in a hurry or your older child’s little legs need a rest, this sturdy, stand-on platform makes it easy to navigate busy areas quickly and safely. (Your kiddo will feel like he’s riding on a skateboard while you skate through the grocery store in record time!)

Designed to fit most strollers, it easily attaches to the tubing and frame without any tools. The BuggyBoard Maxi has a new pull-down saddle seat for extra weary walkers. The Buggyboard Mini features a more compact design, making it a good choice for lightweight, umbrella strollers. (Their website has a tool that shows you which board is right for you. And be sure to watch the weeSpring video tutorial for more tips.)

From food preferences to wardrobe choices, chances are your toddler has mastered how to “take a stand.” Let him continue his reign on the go with the Lascal BuggyBoard

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  1. Really good solution when having one stroller and second baby arrives for parents who are in confusion of buying another stroller or not.

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