weeLove: A Travel Trifecta from Stokke

Ready, Jet Set, Go!

The BedBox from Stokke 

Part luggage, part ride-on, part inflight bed… the JetKids BedBox from Stokke is a travel trifecta that’s perfect for families on the go. Not only does it contain the kid essentials, it can be used to help little ones zip through the airport on their own set of wheels. And better yet, this must-have transforms an economy airplane or train seat into an extended, comfy bed for in-flight snoozes. Children ages 2 and up can curl up and get some much needed zzz’s thanks to the mattress and soft side panels.

With a 75 pound weight limit, kids from roughly age 3-7 can ride on a BedBox (and even rest their feet on built in ledges when a grownup pulls!). If they want to be in charge of toting their own luggage, the swivel wheels make for easy maneuvering. Plus, kids will love decorating their BedBox with the included set of stickers. While it’s on the pricy side, frequent travelers or those who fly long distances will find the splurge worth every penny.

When you’ve got a BedBox, baggage is a good thing.


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