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We interrupt our regularly scheduled weeLove to bring you an important message–it’s Election Day!

Voting, the cornerstone of democracy, allows all those eligible to make a choice for how they want their lives, their families’ lives, and those of their neighbors and friends to be moving forward. It is a tremendous privilege and an amazing right. And today is the day you get to make your voice heard.

We know how busy you are, between the diaper changes, nap schedules, school, work, and everything else you do on a daily basis, so we’ve done a little of the legwork for you, in case you need a little more info before heading out to vote.

Not sure where your polling place is? Check here.
Want to know more about what will actually be on your ballot?  Check here.

Curious about bringing your little ones with you to vote?

  • Kids are legally allowed at every polling place (but some may have restrictions on how many you can bring in the booth with you).
  • It’s a good opportunity to teach older kids about civic responsibility.
  • Practically speaking, you may find wearing your baby may be easier than trying to navigate a stroller.
Here is a short article (nonpartisan, we promise!) that offers some other good information, insights, and tips.

So get out and vote today, and tag #weelovedemocracy in your pics with your “I voted!” stickers!

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