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The Best Cabinet Locks

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Safety 1st magnetic cabinet lock, weeSpring top pick, babyproofing

Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System

The Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System is the safety locking system that your little one (or others, for that matter) can’t see! They install on the inside of your cabinet and utilize a separate magnet to open the door. It also features an option to disable the magnet, for when your little one isn’t around and you need easy access. They’re long-lasting and discreet, a win-win when baby proofing.

The Catch: Parents note being nervous about losing the magnet… (HINT: buy a spare and keep them on the fridge.)

Price: $17.88

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Rhoost Sling Cabinet Lock, weeSpring top pick, babyproofing

Rhoost Sling Cabinet Lock

We’re huge fans of Rhoost, whose modern baby-proofing products are safe for your babies, the environment, and your furniture. No tools, screws, or adhesives are necessary, which makes the installation process way less stressful (and time consuming!) for new parents. These closures fit most standard cabinets (with knobs or handles) and blend in well with most home decor.

The Catch: Parents thought these can be difficult to take off, making them a little frustrating to use.

Price: $14.75

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Safety 1st side by side cabinet lock, weeSpring top pick, babyproofing

Safety 1st Side by Side Cabinet Door Locks

Parents love how easy these locks are to install on cabinets and that they work with many types of knobs and handles. Unlike other cabinet door locks, you don’t have to re-thread the lock every time you open them. The lock separates in half when you open it, similar to the buckle used in your child’s car seat or stroller.

The Catch: Little ones seem to figure them out pretty easily.

Price: $6.04

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