weeLove: The “Key” to Better Baby Proofing

Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Lock System

A Must-have for Off-limits Areas

Attn: parents of Houdinis, explorers, daredevils and… well, babies. Once your curious kiddo starts crawling, pulling up, and walking… everything in arm’s reach becomes a danger zone. And cabinets and drawers (with all that *super fun* opening and closing!) are especially enticing for little ones. The sound of that tell-tale slam is enough to make any parent’s heart skip a beat. 

The Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Lock System attaches discreetly to the inside of cabinets and drawers, using an adhesive lock that you peel and stick in place. (Don’t worry, there’s a handy template for seamless installation.) For extra peace of mind, the SecureTech locking indicator lets you know that the lock is properly engaged. Grown-ups simply use a magnetic key to unlock. Pro tip: don’t forget where you store the key. 😉

These ingenious locks have been tested in side-by-side comparisons with leading competitors and in lab testing using mechanical pull force equipment. Verdict: even the strongest, cleverest toddlers couldn’t get them open. Now if only there was a lock system for those cheddar crackers…


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