weeLove: The Babyproofing Hack You Need ASAP

Kudos to Qdos


Here’s a universal truth about parents: none of us are chomping at the bit to screw furniture to our walls. But when it comes to babyproofing, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Now, it can be a whole lot easier (on your house and sanity).

The Qdos Anti-Tip Kit is an award-winning, no-screw, no-fuss solution for anchoring furniture to the walls, so busy babies and toddlers can’t get in harms way. The kit uses an adhesive system with hooks to hold dressers and bookshelves to drywall, without tools. When installed properly, it can withstand over 150 pounds of weight hanging from a drawer that’s pulled all the way out. In parent terms, that = two children climbing on the furniture at the same time. And when your babyproofing days are behind you, simply twist the hooks out of the wall. Qdos SecureHooks only leave a teeny, tiny hole in the wall (the size of a picture hook).

Bottom line: Qdos keeps it simple for you and safe for your baby.

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  1. Ray says:

    It sure is really important to baby proof all your stuff! Thanks for the helpful info!

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