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Summer Infant Swaddleme

Some swaddles require the skills of an origami ninja to keep your baby snug and secure. Thankfully, these easy-to-use, velcro swaddle wraps make swaddling as simple as one (insert baby), two (close left flap), three (velcro right flap). weeSpring parents advise to keep an eye on when the swaddle becomes too small for your growing baby, or you may wake to find they’ve “Houdini’d” out of it. See more.
The Catch: The velcro can be a bit loud at night when you’re purposefully trying to be quiet to keep baby asleep.

Price: $22.76

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aden + anais Swaddle Blankets

Don’t let the name fool you: these aren’t just swaddle blankets. The multi-tasking muslin is a mom’s Swiss Army Knife: play mat, stroller or car seat shade, nursing cover, burp cloth (and more!), in every playful pattern you can think of. With breathable fabric that comes out of the wash even softer every time, it’s no surprise they’re the most-loved product on weeSpring.
The Catch: If you’re looking for a blanket to keep baby warm, keep moving these are a bit too thin.

Price: $38.89

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Love to Dream Love to Swaddle UP

Parents credit the Love to Dream swaddle as being the reason their babies began sleeping through the night. This swaddle is inescapable for even the wiggliest of babies, but doesn’t inhibit mobility. It’s made of soft, stretchy material so your baby will stay cozy and warm. The design also allows baby to keep their hands up by their face, which enables them to self-soothe, and the two-way zipper makes for easy diaper changing in the middle of the night.
The Catch: Seems that babies either love or hate this swaddle, so if baby ends up hating it you might be on to the next one.

Price: $26.94

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Baby Deedee Sleep Nest

This wearable blanket is a weeSpring bedtime favorite for tons of reasons. It’s lightly quilted (like a perfect duvet cover) with a 100% cotton shell for maximum breathability. The shoulder snaps are an added bonus… no more wrestling wriggly arms into a sleep sack. And the coolest feature of all: it has a glow in the dark zipper, which you’ll really appreciate during those don’t-turn-on-the-light diaper changes.

Price: $37.00

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HALO SleepSack Wearable Blanket

When your baby outgrows the swaddle, a wearable blanket is the next best thing. The HALO SleepSack is a great, safe alternative to blankets in the crib. These SleepSacks come in different weights/fabric options and help to keep your babe warm or cool, depending on the season. The top to bottom zipper allows for easy diaper changes and the large size range (10lbs to 36lbs) gives you plenty of time to get used to the idea of having an actual blanket in the crib (maybe).
The Catch: If your little one is a mover, they may not like this.

Price: $19.99

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aden + anais Slumber Sleeping Bag

Made from the same muslin fabric you know and love, aden + anais does it again with their Slumber Sleeping Bag. It’s lightweight so it’s good for warmer climates, summer and/or naptime. There’s no need for baby to be tangled up in a blanket because it’s wearable and it can’t be kicked it off. And it holds up well to frequent washing because we all know how important that is!
The Catch: a little too thin for bedtime

Price: $31.99

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