weeLove: Your Survival Guide to Pumping at Work


Work. Pump. Repeat.


Getting the hang of pumping at work can feel more daunting than tackling your inbox after maternity leave. Where do you go? What do you need? What if you have to pump when someone schedules a last minute meeting? (Suddenly that inbox is looking pretty good…)

Take a big, deep breath and snag a copy of Work. Pump. Repeat. This must-read book for working, breastfeeding moms will help you navigate your new situation and turn you into a pumping pro. Dedicated to every woman who has ever sat on a public toilet with a breast pump balanced on her knee, author Jessica Shortall’s tactics to balance a busy schedule with the demands of pumping are practical, honest, and funny.

You’ll get tips on prepping to pump, fitting in productive pumping sessions, talking to your employer about your setup, traveling, understanding the lay of the land when it comes to your legal rights in the U.S. and so much more. We especially love the stories from other moms and sample schedule that maps out a typical day.

Continuing to nurse when you’re back at work can make any new mom overwhelmed and stressed out. But once you get into a groove it will make you feel proud and relieved (in more ways than one!). So if you’re pumping and working (or have new moms friends that are), this book is one of the most useful things you can buy… aside from the actual pump.


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