weeLove: Time for a Big Kid Bed — Dedicated

The Naturepedic Verse

An Organic, Non-toxic Mattress

Is your kiddo suddenly talking about a big kid bed nonstop? Or maybe he’s making your heart skip a beat (or 10) by climbing out of the crib at all hours of the night. Whatever the reason, making the move to a big(ger) bed is a huge milestone—and a cozy, safe mattress is must-have.

Get peace of mind with the Verse Organic Mattress from Naturepedic, made with non-toxic materials that support growing kids from toddlers to teens. The organic cotton filling provides cushion over premium encased coils, which means less bed wiggling during restless nights, helping your little one settle comfortably more easily. The quilted design also promotes airflow to reduce overheating and is the perfect mix of firmness and softness—so it feels just like a grown up bed.

Certified organic, the Verse doesn’t contain common allergens, glues, adhesives, flame retardant chemicals, or other questionable materials. Even better, it‘s compressed, roll packed, and shipped in a box for easy delivery and setup (so there’s no need to worry about a large truck careening down your narrow street or having to sit around during an eternal delivery window).

Heads up: this mattress is so comfortable, you may just conk out after bedtime stories, too. But it won’t last long—soon enough there will be endless requests for water, more hugs, more books, pillow fluffs, and under-the-bed checks. May the force be with you.

For more tips on the big kid bed transition and how to choose a mattress, be sure to check out Naturepedic’s blog. 


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