weeLove: Do Your Post-Baby Body Good

Now that’s a wrap!

A BFF for postpartum bellies

New baby newsflash: your ab muscles will probably be totally MIA and you’ll still look pregnant (even though the kiddo is swaddled in your arms). Feeling like yourself again takes time, patience, and lots of support–from friends, family, and this must-have belly wrap…

Moms are totally obsessed with the Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal Wrap from UpSpring. Unlike most postpartum bands on the market, this adjustable wrap is made with bamboo charcoal fiber. When it interacts with body heat, your blood flow increases, healing speeds up, and swelling reduces (how’s that for an awesome trifecta?). And coupled with the wrap’s compression, it feels like a nice warm hug, which every new mom needs. But don’t worry, you won’t be a sweaty mess – it’s made with moisture-wicking and antibacterial bamboo.
And when you’re feeling sore and bloated (good times, amiright?), the wrap provides awesome support for your core and lower back, and helps your uterus get back to it’s original size. Safe for both vaginal deliveries and c-sections, it’s recommended to wear the wrap immediately after delivery (as much as you can!) for best results.
So ditch the pressure to feel like your “old self” right after having a baby. And snag one of these wraps for much-needed support when you’re finding your way to the new (superwoman!) you.


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