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How to Heal After Birth

Prepare for Postpartum with CODDLE

Don’t be fooled by those perfectly filtered Instagram photos of new moms snuggling their newborns. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of not-so-glamorous stuff going on—from leaky boobs to achy everything. Bringing a baby into the world is a magical experience, but cracked nipples, postpartum hemorrhoids, and sore C-section incisions are quite the opposite.

After experiencing unexpected postpartum struggles, postpartum doula Ruth Martin-Gordon created CODDLE. This all-natural line of postpartum self-care products provides much-needed soothing, healing, and relief after delivery. Made from organic and USDA certified organic ingredients, products are vegan, gluten-free, and contain simple ingredients you can actually pronounce. From Nipple Balm to Massage Oil, Sitz Bath to Mother’s Milk Tea, items can be ordered a la carte or all together in the Postpartum Self-Care Box. (Know any expecting mamas? This kit is the gift that keeps on giving.)

This awesome minority and woman owned company is committed to zero-waste, so products come in reusable food-grade glass jars. Aside from self-care essentials, CODDLE offers tons of educational resources to help parents navigate life with a baby. From an e-book on C-section recovery to a blog filled with super useful tips and tricks. Ruth’s posts on how to adjust to life with a newborn and dealing with sciatica during pregnancy and postpartum are good ones to bookmark.

Adjusting to your “new normal” may feel hard… but CODDLE is here to make caring for yourself a lot easier.


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