weeLove: Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

Kaleido Concepts

A Stylish Bag of Tricks 

Parenting is all about timing and toting. You need to swoop in with a tissue when someone sneezes, offer the favorite snack when someone’s hangry, and grab a change of clothes when someone (fill in the blank with your issue du jour). Therefore you need the perfect bag to carry it all. And parents today know it doesn’t have to look like a diaper bag, or even be a diaper bag, to be able to handle all this and more.

Kaleido bags are not your typical on-the-go gear. Inspired by origami, these beautiful bags fold up into neat self-containing “stash pockets” when not in use. Their collection of stunning prints—created by industry-leading artists— includes backpacks, totes, everyday shoppers, and even smaller pouches (perfect for containing emergency snacks, toddler hair accessories, or even as an impromptu wet bag). Great for both everyday use and travel, you’ll want to snag one of each! (PS: The tote can easily attach to a rolling suitcase, making it an ideal carry-on.)

All of the features are well-thought out, even including the straps and zippers, which are super durable and are of amazing quality, plus each bag is machine washable so what happens in the bag doesn’t have to stay in the bag. Even better, Kaleido Concepts donates 1% of profits to children’s literacy and girls’ education organizations, so these bags not only look good, but do good too.

Another perk? Kaleido bags are super lightweight, so they don’t add bulk to your already heavy “bag of tricks.” And cue your toddler’s water bottle request…


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