weeLove: Go Forward With Ease

Comfort in a Carrier

The Go Forward from Infantino

There are some days you feel like a superhero (thanks, caffeine!). And other days, the mere thought of lugging around a heavy infant car seat causes instant exhaustion. Lighten your load and “Go Forward” with ease, thanks to Infantino’s awesome new carrier.

The Go Forward Carrier features four ergonomic carrying positions (to promote natural back and hip positioning), including facing-in (infant), facing-in (older baby), facing out, and backpack. Thanks to the unique, adjustable seat, this carrier can be used from the newborn days all the way through the toddler years (up to 40 pounds), all while supporting your little one’s hips and back in a way that’s comfy for them (and you!).

Parents rave about how easy it is to put on without the help of another adult. Extra-padded shoulder straps and a wide waist belt create a supportive setup for Mom and Dad. Better yet, it’s a cozy spot for naps or an impromptu nursing session. And for windy or sunny days, the built-in hood especially comes in handy. Oh yeah, and carrying your baby hands-free for awhile? Nothing beats that.

Cute, comfy, and easy-to-use… it’s the perfect essential for superhero parents (or those of us that are just trying to fake it ’til we make it).



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